Temporal Love Expands

by Temporal Love

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Our new and improved 2nd album that's juust for you-ouu...
(headfones suggested)


released July 1, 2014

*FEATURING* (malphonetically):
Halez McMillen, Chloe tha Kat, Sean Reed Price, Sir Funk dad (Tyler Bozeman), and many more SINGING
Sir funk Dad freshening his GUITAR
Sean Reed Price, Sirfunk DAd, and Evan "Hewit" Carver taming tha BASS
Tarzan, B tha Tule-ri Tailman, and sir FUNKDAD blowin tha HORNS
Kodalish and sIRFunk Daddy on PERCUSSIONIZATION
and of course...
Beatz Bozeman plantin those BEETS

All songs written by: Tyler Bozeman "Sir Funk Dad", Sean Reed Price, & Zach "Beatz" Bozeman
All songs recorded, engineered, produced and mixed by: tha Funk Dad @ chromatose studios and carly's room.
All songs mastered by: Funkle B.



all rights reserved


Temporal Love Hermosa Beach, California

Temporal Love is a Psych Rock Blues band originally from hermosa beach, and starting out as a 4 piece, turning into a 3 peice, and then a 10 piece funk mob, T-Love has seen many incarnations and has self produced two full length albums along the way. The band has been on hiatus since 2014, while its members work on solo and side projects. Although, future collaborations are an open possibility! ... more

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Track Name: Workin' Black
Aint seen you round, aint heard you call my name
Can't believe that you found another way to cause me pain
I can't believe what you do, the way you leave me lonely and blue

I work all day, can't even see my baby when I come home
Why should I stay, if you don't change your ways baby I'm gone
Now who's to say, ooo baby if you ever loved me at all
Gotta get away, stop waitin for the telephone for your call

I know you're workin black, been sneakin around behind my back
Don't try to turn this around, don't act surprised when I'm nowhere to be found
Track Name: Just For You
Well I'm sick, and I'm tired babe
Of this hold on my soul I just can't let go of, for you
When I look into those big brown eyes I...
See the devil in disguise, it's true...
You make me blue

I don't know, what goes on behind my back
When you take every pass at my love as a sneak attack
Baby is there something to say, or...
Is everything ok with you
Just tell me true

I'll never understand, child why you treat me the way you do
Know I'd never, never hurt you my love cuz
I live every moment just for you

I can't stand, when you treat me this way
It seems the more I try to love you, the more you try to push me away
Baby what takes me by surprise
is how you fail to realize how true
My love was for you

I don't care, I don't care anymore
Cuz you push, push, pushed me and my love out and slammed the door
Guess I got nothing left to say to you except
That you got some growin up to do, it's true
But I'll pray for you

I'll never understand, child why you treat me the way you do
Know I'd never, never hurt you my love cuz
I live every moment just for you
Track Name: Then You Came Along
Well I met my babe last June
It couldn't come a single moment too soon
My first girl had split, the whole thing went down wrong
I needed someone to mend my heart, then babe you came along

I looked your eyes that first night
And saw those big browns shinin' so bright
Child you turned me on, your voice soothed my soul
Ya filled my heart with so much love my guitar lost control

We fell in love so fast
Felt like the kind of love thats got to last
But we were just two fools, and very much too soon
The big bright sun that filled those eyes turned to a cold dark moon

You may think I'm crazy or
You may think my thoughts are hazy but
The joints been out too long
Whether I'm high or whether I'm low I'd still sing you my song
If you just don't feel the same way
Then I guess there's not much to say
After all love's just a cruel game
Whether I win or whether I lose it just won't be the same

But I've been down this road before
I don't want my heart gettin hurt no more
Now I won't ask for much, one thing I need for sure
When I knock up on your house of love
Won't you please open your door

Now you may think my heart is heavy or
You may think my love is lazy but
Its just so hard to believe
That somethin so good could ever happen to a fool like me
If my words may fall on def ears
Please babe don't forget those good years
I'll protect you from your worst fears
Let me come into your world and dry up all those tears

But I've seen that face before
Looks like my heart's gettin hurt one more
I can't say too much, one thing I can't ignore
Are the holes you left inside my heart when you nailed it to the floor
Track Name: Miss Jill
Miss Jill, pretty miss jill malone
Hey baby won't you leave my little heart alone
You build me up just to let me down
Trash my name all cross your town
Watch out babe I'll put you six feet in the ground

Miss Jill, pretty little jill malone
Hey babe there ain't no more happy home
Your sweet sexy body puts me in that trance
I keep chancin on our romance
You better believe baby, tomorrow I'll be gone

Baby please, can't you see I want you to leave
Cuz this house just aint a home
I can hear the things you say, please go away
Leave my family alone
You're a witch, straight from hell
And your evil spell is wicked to the bone
And your eyes are filled with lies
One look inside might turn me into stone

You got my soul, under your control
You got my heart, all torn apart

Miss Jill, my pretty little piece of baby child
With your ruby red lips and your style is oh so wild
Come on baby make love to me, help me forget our history
You may be the devil, but I just can't leave your side

I've got to get away, get away from you
Cuz the way you treat me babe, there's nothin else to do
If I don't find a way to leave you for good
There's nothin more that I could say, but I did the best I could

You got my soul, under your control
You got my heart, all torn apart
Track Name: Mysterious Woman
Mysterious woman won't you let me inside
Tell me the secrets that you have to hide
Mysterious woman, lord you make time stand still
But you've gone away just like you always will

I thought what you got is what I want
Cuz baby what you got looks good to me,
Lay on down, let me love you the way you want
I don't know what you thinkin, all I know my heart is sinkin
Feelin your smooth skin on mine turns me on
Cuz babe you ain't my girl, you're my outside whirl
It may seem wrong, but I'm doin you right tonight

I don't even know your name
Little baby, stop playin games
It's a shame how you been actin so strange
Maybe I don't need you baby, time to make a change

Deep inside my mind is a need to be free
Cuz after you girl it just ain't the same,
Another ball and chain seems like another way to loose to me
Overwhelmed with confusion, trapped inside your illusions
Come on over baby those lips are all I need

Don't worry baby, it'll be alright
Make funky musik all through the night
And don't you fret, no reason why
Cuz makin musik is bound to get you high
And we'll play on, play on
Til we reach the sky
Track Name: I Got You
I got you, you got me
You know I want you to stay with me
I know you want to be free
So if you leave don't forget me

I understand what you gotta do
You know that I ain't the only man for you
So hold my hand, I'll tell you what's true
That when you're gone I'll still love

So baby don't you cry, oh baby please
You know I'll dry your eyes with my sleeve
Cuz i realize, my honey bee
They way you kiss me means so much to me

I love you baby, I love you so
Don't know if I can let you go
But if you must leave, when you do
Keep a piece of my heart safe with you
Track Name: Oceans in the Sky
Tell me why the world is spinning round
Ease my soul so I can leave this earthly ground
The unknown is so vast and, at last, its memory's just reaching me
Tonight I'll sit and wonder how this shining see over me can be
Oceans in the sky

Through my eyes I see, but I want more
Lift the veil so I can see what living's for
So I sail throughout the skies to find the emptiness inside of it
The space between you and I has been growing still
Soon nothing will remain
Oceans in the sky

And as the ocean sways across the sky
With every motion there's a new sunrise
And the emotions running down your spine
Become a potion that will open your mind
I'm just a grain of sand
I fall with all the rest right through your hand
I have not reached the stars
But they are not to far away

Father pour out your love upon thee
Heavens above rain down righteousness
Let the clouds shower it down, let the earth open wide
Let salvation spring up, let righteousness grow with
For we are the lord
May your peace be like a river, your righteousness like the waves of the sea
For we are the creators
Now is the time to enter your heart
and be funky, unconditional love
Track Name: Long Gone
If what I do is wrong lock me away
Hope he likes my song cuz I'll sing it anyway
Well I am your shelter, I am your food
I may be your home but I'd kill ya if I could
Your welcomes been long gone since you first came around
But it don't matter cuz I've got to leave town

On my own...
Find a new home...
Yeah I want you long gone

Stayed with my girl too long, til our love reached its dyin daze
Hope she hears my song, cuz I've got lots to say
You ain't my boss, and I ain't your man
Still you control my mind just because you can
But I've wised up to those mean and evil ways
So don't ask me now girl but soon I'll be ok

On my own...
All alone...
Yeah my baby's long gone

I don't care where my honey's gone
I know she'll think of me when she hears this song
Nothing more to say but all wounds heal with time
Cuz don't you know girl it's all in the rhyme

If what I think is wrong, lock me away
You say black and he's sayin white, I try to live in the grey
Don't want your money, don't need those rules
I ain't like all those other mindless fools
I'll stand up for what I think is true
Cuz in the end I ain't doin it for you

So don't try to shackle up my arms...
Won't be no sheep in your people farm...
You think you help when you causin harm

I don't care where my money's gone
I'll take what's mine and keep movin along
I'll make my way because I've got the time
Don't you know babe it's all in the rhyme